Ana Groups

Regardless of age, sex, race, anorexic/wannarexic, etc., you will be accepted. 

Coaching Levels:

1: Strict

2: Strict, Hardcore & Brutal

Starving In Suburbia (coaching level: 1/2): Starving In Suburbia is a group with a friendly vibe. Other girls in the chat will also help and be supportive when you need it.


Petite Dolls (coaching level: 2/2): This is our strict coaching group with hardcore rules and punishments. This group is the most strict out of the two, and it’s for those who either absolutely love the Japanese/Korean/Asian/etc culture and look to it for thinspo, or just want really strict coaching. We don’t hold back, and we don’t beat around the bush. If you can’t handle it, don’t join. Despite the strictness, the goal is to still have an honest and sisterly family in the group. 

Starving In Suburbia: (INACTIVITY=REMOVAL)

Petite Dolls: